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To Succeed in Higher Education

Too many students are still in school failure (On average, according to statistics, about 1 out of 5 leave the school system in France without real professional skills ).

One cause of these failures is the lack of adaptation of the rhythms and structures of the training courses for some pupils. To avoid this, one of the solutions is the tailor-made digital that allows to support the learning pace and the personalized goal of each student.


The digital solution has the technical and economic possibility of offering personalized learning paths . Where a traditional public or private school structure blocks human and technical resources, the digital school can provide a flexible solution to support the student's training path.


Several forms of digital school exist: from complementary accompaniment to a complete training course delivering a diploma of higher studies. Moreover, the technical solutions are now well developed since 2006 and provide a stable technical and pedagogical platform , conducive to learning exchanges : live class, monitoring platform, instant exchange with teachers ...

The digital school in its definition of course provides overall training solutions to anyone with socio-professional or medical constraints . These solutions come in the form of MOOC, e-learning , speed learning, online teaching, online school ...


But for two years now, within these different formats, more precise and personalized digital solutions have been developed to bring even more follow-up to the acquisition of skills for any student. These solutions give a better success rate which tends towards the success rate of a pupil opposite with a teacher or preceptor.


This flexible pedagogy is all the more interesting as the field of expertise is constantly evolving as the field of 3D computer graphics.


This is why we develop complex teaching schemes within all our courses in online teaching that allow the student to follow and interact at his own pace on the course of knowledge to be acquired . In addition, these tools are a strong link between teachers and students during the training period for overall better success .

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